10 months old!

There is no other time on life when you feel as though your in a time machine as much as when you’re caring for your baby. Time literally flies. I’m not sure what happened to the last ten months. While It feels like yesterday when Oliver was born, at the same time it feels as though we have always had him.

One of my favorite times of the day is waking up to his coo’s, ahhs, and oohs of the morning. He seems to always be in such a pleasant mood when he wakes up. Often times he wakes his daddy up with a foot to the face, sticking his little fingers up his nose, or playing with his (recently grown) beard.

At 10 months he’s gotten so big! He’s about 21 lbs now, and tall and lanky. He has 6 teeth now! Two on the bottom and Four on top, 2 of which just came through as of this week. He’s talking some, saying “Da da, mama, pa pa, baba, whooo, and gaga’. Those are just the ones that come to mind. He makes so many sounds! He’s not crawling yet, which makes me wonder if he will at all. He’s more interested in trying to pull up and see things. He hasn’t mastered pulling up *just* yet but he’s close! He can stand unassisted for a minute or two (while holding onto a toy/furniture). He’s also learned how to clap and he seizes every opportunity to applaud himself and everyone around him!

He loves all of his toys. He thoroughly enjoys playing. His favorite toys are his activity table, his elefun ball poppers, his little tykes garden and his touch and feel books. Books are his favorite things above all else.

As for food, he’s eating more and more. His favorite snack is veggie straws. He also loves anything with cheese, sweet potatoes, corn, and mandarin oranges!

A few videos from this past month!

One sign that you’re too big for the infant swing…

Taking a bath! 9.5 months old


Playing with my toys!20140117-140759.jpg

Riding my Fisher Price Puppy from Christmas!


Being Silly on his Belly! 10 months!







Here are a few pics from our trip to Discovery Place last week to celebrate Nathan’s 10th Birthday!



5photo 7photo


and finally, just Oliver playing in his PJs! 🙂



We’re enjoying every single minute with this little guy. ❤