The Moby Wrap!

We decided before we even became pregnant with this baby that we were going to be….’baby wearers’.

So, we did some research over the last few months and decided we would definitely be buying a moby wrap. Neither of us had any experience with this, so we had to do a bunch of reading on the subject.

Babies r Us had a great coupon (20% off) for Moby’s this past week, so we jumped on the opportunity to use it since the wraps are relatively expensive! (nearly $50 for a piece of cloth, basically!)

We couldn’t resist taking it out of the box and trying it out. I think we’re going to love using it! Here’s a couple of pictures of us playing around with it!ImageImage


27 weeks, 1 day


How far along? 27 weeks, 1 day (26 weeks, 6 days in this pic!)

Total weight gain/loss? 19 lbs.
Maternity clothes? Obviously! 🙂 Just had to buy some bigger maternity clothes, and long sleeved things, this week!

Best moment this week? There were lots of great moments this week and last. Of course, feeling Oliver move around is always the best. He’s really responsive to touch and it’s fun to play with him. I’ve been reading to him in English and Spanish and singing to him.

We had a midwife appointment last week on December 4th. I had to take the gestational diabetes test. They had already given me the ‘glucola’ to drink 30 mins prior to the appointment, so I drank it on the way there. It made me feel really dizzy and lightheaded. Despite nearly blacking out (which is my thing apparently) while the nurse took my blood, I thought the testing went well.

Today, my Midwife called me with the results of the gestational diabetes test, I passed! Yay!! But….and that’s a big BUT, I failed the other part of the blood test, and I am Anemic. (My hemoglobin was very low). She prescribed me some iron supplements and I picked them up today from the pharmacy and started taking them. I had attributed my tiredness, rapid heartbeat, and shortness of breath to just ‘being’ pregnant, but maybe these will help me to feel better!

Other than that, the last two weeks have went by fast and they’ve been great! We finally have started buying baby ‘gear’. Starting with this super awesome Snug-A-Monkey bouncy seat from Target.

Monkey Seat

We also bought the matching Snug-a-Monkey, monkey with songs and lights. He’s soo cute!!


Movement? This boy moves a lot. I’ve been feeling hiccups and also lots of kicks and other movements.
Food cravings? This week I’ve been wanting Strawberries and Cabbage and peanuts. Those three I couldn’t live without!
What I miss: I really love being pregnant right now. Despite the aches and problems and tiredness that go along with it, I do love knowing that my body is keeping this baby happy and healthy all while he grows. If I had to choose something I missed or something that bothers me the most, it would be having a difficult time getting out of our Platform bed that basically is like sleeping on the floor. It’s really REALLY hard to get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom.

What I am looking forward to: This week I’m really looking forward to seeing the Hobbit! and of course meeting my son in March!

Daddy Symptoms and Cravings: Daddy has a lot of the same symptoms as me. He’s pregnant right along with me. He’s been having headaches and acne at times. He definitely has his pregnancy cravings as well. We’re adjusting to the life of pregnancy well together as it becomes even more and more realistic that in a few short weeks we’ll have a little baby here with us!

Here are a few more pictures from this week!!