Nuchal Translucency Scan! 12 Week 2 Day ultrasound

Yesterday we had our Nuchal Translucency scan performed and another check up with the Midwife! The ultrasound was really great! We were able to see our baby immediately. She (or he) was moving all around, sucking on her hands and kicking her cute tiny little feet! She measured exactly right at 12 weeks 2 days, which was 1 day ahead of our 3-12 due date, making her due date more like 3-11. Close enough!

First, the ultrasound tech got a close up view of the baby’s neck and head, a profile like view, and measured the Nuchal fluid space on the back of her (or his!) head.

The measurement was .13 CM. Before going for the scan I, being the researcher I am, looked up the measurements for a ‘normal’ scan and found out that anything between .1 and .3 CM is good. We were extremely relieved that we ‘passed’ that part of the test! Now we could relax and enjoy seeing our tiny little angel.

Next we were able to listen to her little heartbeat! 162 BPM. Meanwhile, she moved around so much the ultrasound tech had a hard time getting it to show up on screen! That explains why I have been feeling her movements already! 😛

The ultrasound tech then measured her from her head to butt! She was 5.78 CM! She’s grown SO much from the last ultrasound at 8 weeks! It’s incredible!

We then got to see several shots of her tiny little feet and legs!

Still a little too early to tell if ‘she’ is a boy or a girl!

The ultrasound technician then gave us a really awesome surprise. She switched the machine over to 3D/4D. We were able to see the baby in 3D! It was a really special and amazing moment. The first time we were able to ‘see’ our child. So little, and so precious.


Seeing that tiny little baby in such detail was a really cool experience, to put it mildly! I’m already head over heels in love!



Week 11!

How far along? 11 weeks 0 days
Total weight gain/loss? about 3 lbs, if i´m being honest..
Maternity clothes? Yep.
Stretch marks? not yet…
Sleep? I wish I had more of that
Best moment this week? feeling the baby move
Movement? little nudges here and there
Food cravings? Veggie Subs, Ice cream
Gender? Don´t know yet!
Belly button in/out? in
What I miss: Sleep
What I am looking forward to: finding out if it´s a boy or girl!
Milestones: Morning Sickness is going away
Daddy Symptoms and Cravings: Daddy Morning sickness …

REW- Catching up

On the first (and awesome) Monday, of the sixth month, of the twelfth post second millennium year,  it was confirmed by the ‘n-th’ pregnancy test that Lindsay and I were going to have a baby. Before long we had our first doctor’s appointment, it was scheduled on July 12, 2012.

We went to the hospital in Greenville because Lindsay found out that a group of midwives offered their services at that hospital. Here is photographic evidence of her first checkup:

First appointment with the midwife

That same day we had to go to an off-site lab to get her blood-work done, because of insurance related reasons. Here is Lindsay suffering through the vampiric process of acquiring her blood for testing.

On July 16, the midwife scheduled our first Ultrasound. We were hyper-excited because it would be the first time we would see our developing baby. We got to the hospital just in time, but in proper health care provider style we were made to wait. We waited and waited some more, and after 30 minutes of ‘nervexcitement’ we were called back to the ultrasound room. After Lindsay changed into her gown, we were ready to take a trip into her body and visit our baby for the first time. The technician tried doing it abdominally first, but to no avail, so she called upon the help of the vaginal probe. After a few seconds she was able to track down our baby, there she was our little baby.

The technician performed the measurements and everything that the protocol required, but she started acting strangely and started asking questions about our baby’s conception and Lindsay’s last period, etc. According to the midwife Lindsay was 8 weeks along, but due to mathematical problems, of algebraic proportions, she was wrong, and it turns out that our dear baby was only six weeks old. Because of that stupid mistake we weren’t able to hear it’s precious little heartbeat, which we were extremely excited and I had already rehearsed imitating it…

Lindsay at our first ultrasound (dis)appointment

Lindsay and I were severely disappointed, and unleashed an avalanche of nerves and fears upon us. “What if there is something wrong with the baby?”, we asked ourselves. We would tell ourselves, “It was just a mistake, the baby is still young, we’ll hear the heartbeat in a few weeks when it’s older.” Because six weeks is still considered young by the doctors and the technician, we had another ultrasound appointment scheduled for July 31st.

By then the baby will have grown quite a bit and would actually be eight weeks old, thus the increasing the probability of being able to hear it’s little heart pumping away.

The next two weeks were anything but easy. In between us and our baby’s second grandiose appearance were fears, questions and a big move from an apartment to our new house. After what felt like endless days and hours, the 31st of July finally came around. And at (give or take a couple of minutes) 8:45AM of that day our precious little baby was made visible by ultrasonic sound waves, and this time she had an aural present for us, one that clocked in at 164BPM.

Lindsay at the second ultrasound appointment,with our perfect baby in the background

Our baby has grown and developed quite a lot since those early and uncertain days. Meanwhile Lindsay and I eagerly await for the overlord’s arrival upon this fun and chaotic thing we call our life.


Angel Sounds Fetal Doppler, 11 weeks!

I was 11 weeks yesterday! Which also happens to be the exact day that we received our AngelSounds doppler in the mail (Thank you Amazon! :D)

I was so super excited about it! We got it out of the mail box and assembled it right away. I was really hoping we would hear the baby’s heartbeat right away but unfortunately, after 20 minutes of use, we couldn’t find it. Bummer 😦

I decided to give it another shot last night and after a few minutes of moving the doppler around a few inches below my belly button, I was able to find the baby’s little heartbeat! 168 beats per minute 😀 Wow, Can’t believe I’m already here at 11 weeks! Time flies when you’re having fun! 🙂

First Post, Week 10!

How far along?  10 weeks 0 days
Total weight gain/loss?  about 0 lbs at this point..
Maternity clothes?  Not yet, but soon..
Stretch marks? not yet…
Sleep? all the time
Best moment last week? The ones where I could eat without being sick..
Movement?  little nudges here and there
Food cravings? Pizza, Watermelon and Sushi!
Gender? Don´t know yet!
Belly button in/out? in
What I miss: Certain types of sushi, at times
What I am looking forward to: finding out if it´s a boy or girl!
Milestones: Not being able to button my pants! 🙂
Daddy Symptoms and Cravings: Daddy has some major heartburn and craves doughnuts 😉
This is our first post on our pregnancy blog… The purpose of this blog is to keep a chronicle of pictures, text and memories throughout the pregnancy, infancy, and beyond, to share with our friends, family and others!
This is a picture and symptoms from week 10! It´s hard to believe that the first trimester is nearly over, just two more weeks at this point. Dr´s appointment is still two weeks away. The worst part about this week is the headaches and fatigue that have begun to set in. The best part is the morning sickness seems to be easing up.
It seems that Eddie is pregnant right along with me. He experiences nearly all of the symptoms that I experience, and perhaps more. He´s always taking my Tums for heartburn and indigestion. He even wakes up in the middle of the night to pee, at times! 😉 Also, he has major cravings to go along with it!